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The first day in Los Angeles

"We left Sao Paulo one hour we were already pretty tired when the plane took off... the kids however were very excited and full speed. A light diner was served around 2:30 in the morning and after that we dozed off... 
A heavy storm shook us early in the morning but we arrived safely about one hour later. The  Contiki coach was waiting for us...our guide is called Rich and the driver Tom and they took us around Los Angeles. 
This morning, we visited Beverly Hills with its superb mansions and drove down Rodeo Drive , lined with incredible shops. We had lunch at Farmer's Market and then drove along Sunset Strip to Mann's theatre where the kids saw the footprints and hands of famous actors and stars on the cement." 
"Now we are at the International School of Los Angeles, where we got a very warm welcome from the students and the director. The Brazilian Cultural Attaché and the French Consul Adjoint were also present. There were speeches made and the importance of cultural exchanges was the predominant note. Andrea and Gabriela made talked about Brazil, Sao Paulo , our school and our project."
"They girls are showing now how to dance Brazilian music"
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