The Project

     This project has brought together seventy  8/9th grade students from the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo and students from  9 schools all over the United States. It was planned and conducted by Barbara Dieu, teacher of English as a Foreign Language , with the help of teachers from different areas. 

      It aims at making students discover the American culture and way of life and the American human and natural environment through reading, writing, social studies, biology and technology. A two-week trip to the west coast of the USA is scheduled for October this year. 

     Our students have been learning about young people their own age and discovering the similarities and differences between themselves and their new friends, their living conditions, the teaching they receive. English has been used and practised in a communicative context through E-mail and research on the Internet. During the trip the students will visit the places they have studied and meet some of their keypals. 

     As teachers we have learnt much from each other and shared  inter- classroom projects. 


October 97 to June 98 - e-mail exchange with 9 different schools in the USA. At Christmas a book about São Paulo and some gifts are sent to our keypals. We also receive photographs, postcards and books from the schools involved. 

May/June 98 - we share a writing project with Sycamore Middle School in California. Stories involving the keypals are exchanged between the two schools and published together in a book, which is offered to the writers. 

June/July 98 - sale of raffle tickets to raise money for the trip to the US in October. Thanks to our sponsors we manage to collect enough to fund our grant holders and still pay for some of the attractions during our trip. 

August 15th 98 - Raffle Day. The lucky winners are: 

1st prize : a ticket to Paris (Air France) - M. Debeauvais 
2nd prize: 3- week course and stay at University of California Riverside (STB) - Ilan Elkain 
3rd prize: R$ 1.000 voucher for furniture (Tok Stok)- Annie Pierre 
4th prize: a ticket to Salvador (Ag. Brasília)-  Maria Cristina Matteus 
5th prize : a dinner for two (Laurent)-  Mme Morhange. 

August/September 98 - we continue our e-mail project with Valley High School, Sanders ,AZ; Lowell School in San Francisco and start a video project with Sycamore Middle School, Gridley, CA. 

1st October 98 - 43 students and 4 teachers meet at Guarulhos International Airport to start their fifteen day trip around the USA.  

From 2nd to 17th see the different links to places we visited. 

18th October 98 - we land back in São Paulo . 

16th June 99 - USAconnection vernissage and cocktail. Students and teachers exhibition of material/photographs of the trip in the library. Certificates of achievement are delivered to the courageous adventurers and the film made during the trip is projected. 

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