Liceu Pasteur - São Paulo   9 American Schools

This project has brought together seventy  8/9th grade students from the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo and students from 9 schools all over the United States It was planned and conducted by Barbara Dieu, teacher of English as a Foreign Language , with the help of teachers from different areas.

The pictures of the trip :       - The departure from São Paulo 
     - Los Angeles : the first day of the trip 
     - San Diego : the Harbour, and the Zoo 
     - Phoenix : the cactuses and the jeep tour 
     - The Grand Canyon and the sunset 
     - Las Vegas (by night) 
     - Yosemite Park : the Giant Sequoias 
     - San Francisco : the town, Alcatraz, and our keypals 
     - Monterey : the aquarium 
     - Santa Barbara : soccer on the beach

     The pictures of our teachers under the "Miscellaneous" link !!

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The1st day in L.A. 
Los Angeles 
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Las Vegas 
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San Francisco 
Santa Barbara 

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