The Students

We started this project in October 97 with three classes of  8th graders (4èmes) and continued it throughout 98 in the 9th grade (3èmes).  Although some students have moved, some have stayed behind and new ones have arrived, most of them have worked hard and participated enthusiastically. 
43 of our 70 students are doing a field trip around the USA, visiting the places they have studied and meeting some of their keypals.

At the top: Gisele, Laetitia*, Caroline*, Rodrigo*
In the middle: Dominique*, Laurence, Janaina
At the bottom: Hugo, Mathias*, Pablo
(* students who participated only last year)
 Behind: Nikolai, Raphael P.R., Pablo
Bottom: René and Joseph
Behind: Audrey, Eleonora and Andrea
Lower: Laurence and Janaina
Behind: Vanessa and Marie
Sitting down: Gisele and Charlotte
Mickael, Ghislain and Hugo
Vitor, Nicolas, Guillaume and Roland
Ana Emilia, Cassia, Juliana and Paula
At the bottom: Marianne and Gabriela
Behind: Gianlucca, Patrick R. , Ghuvanpetru
Front: Remy and Pedro
Behind: Guy, Patrick Cherix, Jonathan
Front: Ilan
Behind: Laurene, Camille, Elodie
Front: Fiorella, Nathalie and Dariella
Behind: Marc, Raphael C. and Christophe
Front: Sergio
Jean Claude and Caroline...late to class
getting books from the locker...
Behind: Celine, Sophie, Carolina and Tatiana
Front: Heloisa
Behind: Eloise, Fanny, Alexandra, Eva
Front: Caroline and Camila
Behind: Edgard, Felipe, Danilo and Jean Claude
Front: Olivier and Benny
Behind: Philip, Raphael A., Fernando
Front: Julio and Adrien
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