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The computer and the Internet have helped a lot to make this project become what it is today. Not only did the speed of communication and the amount of information gathered attract the young people involved but they also provided us with a wonderfully dynamic and communicative way to practise the target language. The trip to the USA at the end of the year is a dream our students have cherished for a long time and kept asking me to make come true. Again e-mailing and the Internet were precious when choosing places to visit and getting in contact with the people abroad. 
We have put up this homepage hoping to share with you our adventure.

(English as a Foreign Language)
Brazilian from Polish descent and married to a Belgian, Barbara speaks four languages. She's the boss and has organized this trip for her 9th graders against all odds. Fundraisers? Leave it to her!  Videos, homepages, to her!  She loves her work, a challenge. She has brought the whole team  together and her energy is contagious. Thanks Bee! 
She has been teaching English  for 24 years: at the Cultura Inglesa in São Paulo  and  at the Lycée. She has travelled extensively in Europe and the States. 
Her hobbies... when there is some spare time ..outlining new projects, reading, playing tennis, swimming ,hiking with her dogs, and cooking. 
Brazilian citizen , Alessandra has been teaching Life and Earth Sciences at the Lycée for 2 years. Before that, she did botanical research for the Instituto Biologico de São Paulo. She loves to use this  field experience in her teaching. Wait for the incredible things she has prepared for this trip! Hobbies: she carves wood and makes prints...Wow! 
( History and Geography)
 French citizen from Corsica and history and geography teacher since 1990: 4 years in France and 4 years in São Paulo, at the Lycée Pasteur. Mathieu likes travelling, walking and rugby. He's well known at school for his good humour, he's really a "one man show". His passion for contemporary world history qualifies him to analyse and understand the world political problems - he will be a precious reference during this trip. 
(Physics and Photography)

French and American citizen, Christophe is the  newcomer to this team. He's been teaching physics and chemistry for 10 years: 9 years at the Lycée International in Los Angeles, USA and 1 year at the Lycée in São Paulo. His hobbies? photography and outdoor sports like hiking, rock climbing, skiing, white water rafting, volleyball.  He has travelled over 20 countries all over the world and knows well the American West.  He's the man on the field, always ready for adventure. 

(Physics and Technology)
French citizen and married to an American. Our computer wizard. Without him this homepage would have become a  very difficult task indeed! His experience, talent and creativity together with a great amount of patience have made Barbara's dream come true: to give  parents  and friends the opportunity to follow their kids trip on the Internet. Apart from technology, his hobbies are surfing, travelling (his latest adventure was a safari in South Africa)  and photography. He has been at the Lycée since January 93 and before that he taught  electronics to students and adults in France. 
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