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Phoenix  -  Population: 983,500 (Metro : 2,000,000) 

Situated in the "Valley of the Sun"overlooked by the Camelback Mountain, Phoenix is the heart of Arizona and was first settled by the Hohokam Indians who conquered the desert with irrigation ditches and then mysteriously disappeared. 

During the 19th century, Phoenix developed from a village supplying hay to the north central Arizona district to a bustling town filled with prospectors. Cowboys and miners frequented the town and saloons and gambling houses multiplied. The resulting lawlessness was squashed by two public hangings at the turn of the century. Now the thriving capital of Arizona, countless suburbs and ranch-style homes retain the western look, while Spanish Colonial and Pueblo architecture gives clues to the origin of this city. 
 On our way from San Diego, we visited the
Heard Museum of the Native Americans.
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Our hotel in Phoenix...
This katchina doll
that Ms Dieu received is from Cheryl Carlson -
technology teacher at the Navajo reservation in Sanders
Places of interest include Encanto Park and the desert botanical gardens where the saguaro cactus, with its thick tall torso and upraised arms, the State symbol, can be found. The city is ringed by Indian reservations whose influence is apparent in the handicrafts, jewellery and art to be found in local shops and museums.
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And then, we went to Sedona for a Jeep tour...
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