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Bass Lake  -  Population: 400 

Bass Lake is a year-round resort area located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The area is the gateway to the south entrance to Yosemite National Park. the Lake was formed in 1910 when the dam was built at the south end of the lake. Bass Lake is 7km ( 4 1/2 miles) long and 1km(1/2 mile) wide. The water is used to generate electricity for central California and is stocked year-round with fish by the California Department of Fish and Game. The area was once home to the Mono Indians. 

the road to Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park 

A mountainous region of unusual beauty, the Park is in central California on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada. It is much larger than most people realise with the Yosemite Valley occupying only seven of the 3,100 square km (1,200 square miles) .

The natural history of Yosemite spans many millions of years, starting from the ancient age when a warm shallow sea spread across what is now the Sierra Nevada and Great Valley of California. after a long sequence of earth upheavals followed by erosion, glaciers gouged Yosemite into a U-shaped trough. The first of at least three glaciers extended down the Merced River as far as El Portal, while the last left a moraine of rock debris damming the Merced back into Yosemite Valley. 
  It  was glacier action that rounded and polished domes like Liberty Cap and Lamberts Dome. Other domes, however, like Sentinel and half Dome, are the result of a geological process called exfoliation, a steady weathering, chipping and crumbling of rock layers that shape angular monoliths into rounded countours on their way to ultimate dissolution. 
the oldest tree in the park : 3700 years old
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On the road to the Yosemite National Park
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